Since 1867, E.M. SERGEANT PULP & CHEMICAL CO., INC. has been supplying industry with important raw materials. Originally formed to import, warehouse, and resell bulk materials and inorganic products for heavy industry, SERGEANT has evolved and grown. Our product line now focuses on a combination of excipients and active ingredients for the Vitamin, Pharmaceutical and Food Supplement Industries.

Our suppliers and manufacturing sites are located all over the world. We are regularly in touch with our Chinese, European, Malaysian, Indian and other foreign sources. Only after vigorous testing and examination of manufacturing facilities, do we finally approve a source. Credibility and value are keystones of SERGEANT’s history and they assure our clients that we are committed to and deeply embedded in the industries in which we are established.

We have built our reputation upon our ability to make immediate shipments from stock at fair prices. Our strong technical team works to further strengthen our close ties to customers, solving production problems using not only our raw materials but also a broad base of knowledge.

Specifications and samples are cheerfully provided. Hopefully, we will soon have an opportunity to meet and become better acquainted. Thank you for your valued consideration.

Major Divisions

Two of our major divisions are: Sergeant Nutra and Sergeant Dairy & Proteins.

Sergeant Nutra

We are a division of E.M. Sergeant Pulp and Chemical, which has allowed us to combine years of global sourcing and distribution experience with a new focus and approach for our raw materials distributed to the nutritional, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food industries. We are also capable of aiding in custom formulations and providing client specific blends allowing drum to hopper transition. Sergeant has carved a niche for itself by having a secure supply chain of Excipients, Minerals, and Amino Acids.

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Sergeant Dairy & Proteins

Sergeant Dairy & Proteins is the newest wholly owned Sales Division of E.M. Sergeant Pulp & Chemical Co., Inc. (EMS). Partnered with key industry expertise, SDP has begun sales of natural protein products to contract manufacturers of Sports Nutrition Supplements. From bulk ingredient sales to developing customized formula solutions, SDP is the solution for any company requiring a dairy or protein item. Our ingredients supplied are primarily supplied from USA companies and sold within the same USA. Product and market research and development continue as well as increasing sales and profitability.

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